Google My Business Is Paramount to Your Business - Know Why

Be a local sensation with Google My Business (GMB)

When you enter an Internet search, regardless of the browser you are using, you will generally get results on the basis of your location. These local search results are crucial to getting found and letting your customers review your business. GMB, also referred to as Google Places, makes it hassle-free for customers to get information about your business online across multiple devices. They obtain details about your business like, contact information, hours of operation and directions.

Simply put, you must list your business in GMB if you want to be easily found in online local searches. A fully functioning and complete GMB page can enhance the success of your offline and online business operation. As a Google partner company in Kolkata, ANTTECH can help you set up your GMB page.

It is also vital that your GMB page is accurate and complete with all the important information, and optimized for the best results. With a GMB page, you can drive website traffic and also drive visitors to your business’ physical location. The success of your offline and online operation will increase manifold.

Steps to GMB page setup

Setting up a GMB page is quite straightforward and it is free. Once your business is listed, you will appear on online local searches for queries that are specific to your services or products.

First, claim your page. For this, you have to check if already a page exists for your business and we can help you with that. However, if there is no page, you can simply sign in with your Google account and create one. Make sure that the profile is complete and remember that unless your listing have been verified, you cannot hit 100%. If you face any difficulty, reach out to a Google partner company like us.

Second, optimize your GMB page. If you want better online visibility and presence, you have to optimize your GMB page. Ensure that your NAP (name, address and phone number) information is accurate and also consistent. Optimizing your GMP listing can be complex and it may also require you to be listed on other third-party directory listings. ANTTECH, a trusted Google partner company in Kolkata, can optimize your GMB page on your behalf.

So, contact ANTTECH for help in setting up, as well as, optimizing your GMB page. As we ae a Google street view trusted agency, you can count on your dedicated support at all times.