What are the advantages of Google My Business Listing?

The days of phone books are long gone. Businesses today are shifting their local marketing efforts online with the help of Google partner companies in India like ANTTECH. This not only makes it easier to find businesses, but with online directories like, Google My Business, businesses can reach out to potential customers that would have otherwise looked up the business in the Yellow Pages or would have to drive by the business’ physical location.

As a leading street view trusted agency in Kolkata, our team have rounded up a few benefits that you can enjoy by having a properly optimized Google My Business listing.

Show up in Google Maps searches and Google's local 3-pack

When searching for local businesses, consumers take into consideration reviews and proximity of their location. While a quick online search is good for narrowing down the options, most consumers make use of Google Maps to look for businesses nearby. By creating a Google My Business listing and completing all the steps, your business will show up for local searches and consumers can benefit by seeing the location of your store.

Furthermore, creating a Google My Listing for your business, you can become an exclusively member of Google’s local 3-pack, which was previously 7-pack. The best part about being in this list is that the results show consumers the location of the business and before organic results. This is a big boost in terms of visibility.

Earn customer's trust

Building trust to confidently make a purchase is one of the biggest hurdles faced by modern consumers. As an owner of a business, it is your responsibility to make it easier for your customers to trust you. One of the simplest steps to do that is showing customers your exact location. Due to the inherent confidence and trust that most users place on Google, your business will massively benefit the moment it pops up in a local search. This is because business on Google My Business listing have to go through several verification steps before they are finally listed.

Online visibility and trust are two of the most important reasons why your business should be on Google My Business Listing. Owing to these two factors, your business can enjoy enhanced traffic, increased sales, better ranking on the SERPs and enjoy a good reputation. If you want to know more or need help with getting listed, reach out to ANTTECH, the foremost Google partner company in Kolkata.