Google AdWords management

Google AdWords management

Want to quickly and effectively improve your search engine rankings? Google AdWords management services from AnttechInfolab can help you achieve that and more.

We have experience in crafting, running and monitoring PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns and have an in-depth knowledge about Google AdWords, the one-stop console.
With our Google AdWords management services, you can attain the following:

Attract and get more customers

With the help of Google AdWords, you can attract customers of all kinds including local, national and global customers. Also, since PPC ads appear on top of organic search results on the search engines, they tend to grab the attention of the users more and you can be assured of getting new and more visitors to your landing page or website who will be eventually turned into customers.

Connect with your customer at the right time

Google Ads are highly targeted and gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers at the very moment that they are seeking your products or services.

Run ads according to your budget

Just tell us your budget and we will create paid campaigns on Google AdWords that meet your requirements. You can even choose the time slots and duration during which your ads will run.

Higher ROI guaranteed

Google ads are targeted and appear before organic results, which ensures that you get the maximum return on your investment. Your ads are not being advertised to people who are not looking for your products or services.

Our Google AdWords Management Approach

If you have an established AdWords account, our team will assess the historical data to find what performs favourably and customise other parts to perform in a similar fashion. We will change the keywords, bidding options, destination links and text to align with your specific goals, which can be to drive as many leads or sales as possible.

Conversion tracking and assessment of ROI

Our reports show the keywords that are creating sales or leads and the ones that are not. We thoroughly monitor to ensure that we are focusing on the right keywords.

Search network advertising

At Anttech, we monitor the engagement and progress of your search network advertising to adjust ads, bids and keywords so that engagement is most positive on your website.

Ad variation and testing

Our team will test multiple PPC ads using A/B testing methods to find out which ads fetch the highest conversion and click-through rates. We will also develop copy variations, landing pages and test which works the best.

Monthly maintenance

We will review all aspects of your account and determine the areas that need improvement to run smoothly. We will constantly make changes to improve results. Our services include:
Competitor review and analysis, Keyword research, Landing page review, Google ad creation and testing, AdWords setup, Content review, Conversion rate analysis, Keyword bid adjustments, Google Analytics review. So, get in touch to get a customized Google AdWords campaign estimate.

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