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Custom Logo and Graphic Design

There is no limit to what you can get designed at Anttech. Whether you are looking for stunning flyers or an attractive new logo, our creative and talented team of designers can make it happen. We pride ourselves on the high standard of quality that we deliver to our clients through our range of logo and graphic design services. Based out of Kolkata, Anttech believes that businesses, websites and brands are more than just products and words – they are also art and images. An integral part of any modern business today is graphic design and that is true for the image of your company and your marketing. We can help you reach out, engage and connect with your audience through high-resolution, colorful images and illustrative graphics.

We Offer a Rich Palette of Design Options

Our artistic designers will work with you to create attractive, eye-catching designs that help tell the story of your brand or products. We specialize in providing the following design services:

So, whether you want to create a new logo for your brand or in the quest of total re-branding effort, we can help you make a lasting impression on the online landscape. We work with some of the most creative and passionate designers in the industry who never settle for anything, but the best. By joining hands with us, you can be sure that we will help you tell your story through infographics and colorful designs.
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