About massArt


A socio-culturally inclined organization registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961, aimed at the promotion of solely the society and not for profit for the organization itself.

Thrust Area

Encouraging and enhancing indigenous and contemporary Art, Culture and Heritage and expanding their reach to global arena.

Mission Statement

* To bring all segments of Art into a Cultural Hub
* To promote the main aspects of culture, art and creative segments worldwide
* To enable the artists and art loving society at large to develop relationship with art faculty across the world
* To rediscover and improve the finer qualities of art and take them to the surface of prospects
* To generate an art conscious culturally sound society in course of proceedings
* To showcase and promote Art Installations like those in Durga Puja Art and other art exhibitions, before the art loving people of the world
* To develop a holistic inclination towards art and its quality through workshops and other inclusive programmes
* To attract international visitors towards art, culture and heritage resulting in a positive economic impact


A highly competent, experienced and IT- enabled team of professionals from different creative and social spheres.